AD Time is a well established timepiece distributor, incorporated since 1989 in the business of distributing timepieces as well as writing instruments and jewellery. Throughout the years, the company has also developed lifetime partnerships with various licensing, distribution and retailing corporations as a timepiece distributor. Alain Delon and Bonia are among AD Time’s prominent lifetime partners. Besides that, AD Time has also established lifetime partnerships with a widespread 300 distribution outlets in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

Among the watches that AD Time distributes are Cerruti 1881, Doxa, Ed Hardy, Esprit, Invicta, Issey Miyake, Pierre Cardin Time Couture, Puma Time, Quiksilver, Replay, Rhythm, Roxy, Suunto, ToyWatch and other international brands. AD Time will stand by your side as a timepiece distributor, with support and provide lifetime merits to grow and share the efforts together in 365 Life Moments. AD Time also believes in rewards for lifetime partnerships by offering incentives, discounts and more with privileges.
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